Meet Cresio, the platform that encompasses the entire crypto ecosystem

"There will come a time when you think it's all over. That will be the beginning."

The phrase was not said by us, it was written by Epicurus. But we might as well have, because it perfectly defines how we discovered the need to encompass in one place the crypto ecosystem when it seemed that everything was done in the world of cryptocurrencies, exchanges and DeFi environments.

We'll talk about Cresio's origins, features and functionalities here. Will you join us?


Cresio: a place for absolute control of your cryptocurrencies

Can you imagine accessing DeFi exchanges and platforms from a single platform? Perhaps the time has come to stop imagining it and make it a reality. 

Cresio is a platform that allows you to control the entire crypto ecosystem from a single space. It unifies the possibility of operating simultaneously in multiple exchanges and presents advanced functionalities for users, regardless of their level of knowledge.

These functionalities are carried out in an intuitive environment that guarantees an agile and controlled experience, with maximum security and transparency. Find out what are these technical features and functionalities of the platform:

  • Real-time market information

Consult in detail the information regarding each cryptocurrency in the different exchanges, receiving information on volume, price history and available pairs, among other things. And best of all, you will receive this information quickly, conveniently and accurately, speeding up arbitrage operations between exchanges.

  • Balance your portfolios

View balances by exchange; monitor available capital; organize and export histories to PDF, Excel or clipboard; execute and track cryptocurrency deposits or withdrawals between wallets; and view current, pending and completed transactions whenever you need to.

  • Multi-Exchange

With the proliferation of new tokens and cryptocurrencies, it's virtually impossible for a single exchange to cover all projects. Therefore, we simplify the operation, being able to access in a single click to the exchanges available on the platform. Binance, CoinbasePro, Bittrex, JamonSwap, Uniswap and Pancakeswap are some of the places where you can trade through Cresio.

  • Global trading history with the ability to export it.

View charts and create individual or global histories, filtering and making comparisons between executed trades with the ability to custom export it. Compare trades to see the profit or loss generated.

  • Programmable alerts

You will be able to create customized alerts, but you will also be able to receive notifications of new cryptocurrencies when they are included in the exchanges and alarms that notify the inclusion of other updates in the platform, executed operations, etc. Likewise, other alerts adapted to the needs of users will be incorporated.

  • Scalping signals, trend and volume changes

The lack of signals in a market as large as the cryptocurrency market brings great inconveniences. Cresio considers that signals are an important requirement that can condition decisions, so it has designed different types of signals: scalping (they show the difference between the buy order and the sell order, indicating which cryptocurrencies have the best opportunity for short-term operations), volume change in 1, 5, 15 and 30 minutes (they show the movement of cryptocurrencies during these time periods), supply and demand (they show the cryptocurrencies that have the biggest difference, being able to trade with more security), future prices (they indicate the holding of each cryptocurrency) and price changes in 24 hours (it allows to know when a cryptocurrency enters a favorable state).

  • Rig control

The platform provides real-time alerts and information on the status of individual and collective rigs, enabling the status of mining rigs to be known at all times. For this purpose, the mining pool API is added to the system, visualizing the information of the whole pool: total mining speed, payments in the last 24 hours, pending operations, total received, etc.

  • Trading Portal

We have a large number of tools to execute trading operations, unifying basic tasks of buying, selling and stop-loss, or scalping operations. This way, we provide speed, simplicity and comfort regarding changes between operations and prices.

  • List of cryptocurrencies 

You can view the cryptocurrencies of each exchange or DeFi in a single click, as well as access the cryptocurrency market quickly and directly.

  • List of available Airdrops with a database of the executed ones

We have a section with a list of Airdrops to perform with the help of video tutorials. The information can be accessed through a previously saved form, which facilitates and speeds up the registration. It also offers control of Airdrops performed and extensive information about them.  


Cresio's differential value

In a few words: control, speed, agility and commodity. 

Knowing the cryptocurrencies of the different exchanges, analyzing prices, volumes and exchanges, calculating percentages, dealing with the distinctive features of each platform, being aware of the latest news, looking for opportunities to obtain profitability... In cryptocurrency investment, there are always many things to do. We usually have plenty of tasks and worries. But there will always be something we lack: time.

What we can find are ways to optimize it by solving these problems. Fortunately, there are specialized solutions that have focused on them, such as the Cresio platform. It was born with the aim of encompassing in a single place the absolute control of cryptocurrencies.

The crypto ecosystem is wide, but Cresio has all the necessary functionalities to operate in the markets successfully, from its Multi Exchange character, to market information, semi-automatic operations and the status of mining rigs, among others.

Log in, register and control the entire crypto ecosystem from an intuitive and secure environment with multiple advanced trading tools!


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